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January Yoga on Tap @ Beyond the Pale Brewing

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

January took us back to our roots, bringing yoga into the brewery to connect participants to themselves, their beer + their community.

The Stats

  • Participants: 65

  • Return Patrons to Beyond the Pale: 62%

  • First-timers tasting BTP Beer: 21%

  • First-timers practicing yoga: 11%

  • Beers Sampled: 1) Clean Cut Kolsch 2) Pink Fuzz Grapefruit Wheat Ale 3) The Darkness Oatmeal Stout.

  • Yoga Intention: What could you be more mindful of in your lifestyle that would lead you to more health + happiness?

*This is the first of our regular monthly yoga sessions to be held @ Beyond the Pale in 2019. Our next two sessions are on Saturday February 9th with 3 different samples and March 9th with a pint showcasing the new International Women's Day beer! See our events page for more details + registration. Cheers!

The Yoga

We begin every session reminding participants why we combine yoga + beer: to promote an active lifestyle + mindful drinking culture. We love a good beer, but a healthy relationship with drinking is important in order to respect our health and the hard work of the people who make it! If you've been to one of our sessions before, you know we like to give everyone a red drinking cup with a piece of paper and pencil inside which is used to set a personal intention for our practice and draws the focus of participants to a certain concept surrounding mindfulness. During this session we asked people to think about one thing they could be more mindful of that would support healthy and

happy habits in their lives. Participants then wrote down their thoughts and place their pieces of paper into their cup. We then use our cups and therefore whatever we wrote down in them, as a point of focus for the remainder of our practice. Next came the movement beginning with sun salutations! Sun Salutations, or Surya Namasakara A, is a traditional yoga sequence linking postures with breath that can be seen as the equivalent of a warm up for other physical exercise. It primes the body for mindful movement and can be done on it's own if you are short for time but want to practice. The next 30 minutes included a variety of standing and seated postures that challenged balance, focus, and continued to draw participants attention back into what they wrote down in their cups. Our practice concluded with a 10 minute guided beer meditation with our first sample of the day, the Clean Cut Kolsch inspired ale (beer notes below), before taking a few minutes to rest + digest not only our beer, but the movement and breath from the entirety of our practice.

The Beer

Served with this event were 3 4oz samples: 1 sampled during our beer meditation at the end of our yoga practice, the other two enjoyed during the tour portion of our session. Many participants happily headed to the tasting room to grab a half pint to accompany them during the entirety of their yoga practice, while others enjoyed sticking around after our event wrapped up to partake in another beverage, also taking advantage of the food service offered by the Smoque Shack (see menu below). The three beers sampled during our event are listed below with some notes to inspire your next tasting experience with information on where you can get your paws on these fine local brews.

CLEAN CUT | KOLSCH INSPIRED ALE | 5.6% | Showcasing 100% German malts and yeast. This beer was inspired by the Brewer's recent trip to Koln Germany. Very easy drinking, fresh, earthy, grain. Available in LCBO's and the brewery on tap/bottle shop.

PINK FUZZ | GRAPEFRUIT WHEAT ALE | 6.0% | Not your Bavarian grandfather’s wheat beer. Rather than adorn the glass with a fresh slice of citrus we choose to brew the entire batch with a veritable orchard of grapefruit zest. This American style wheat beer utilizes a west coast american hop bill to emphasize the use of citrus in the brewing process. Move over mimosa, this town ain’t big enough for the both of us Notes : zesty, with a nice hoppy finish. Available in LCBO's and the brewery on tap/bottle shop.

THE DARKNESS | OATMEAL STOUT | 5.6% | What lurks in the husks of chocolate malt and roasted barley? Why, the necessary brew-stuff to produce a robust and creamy stout emanating boldly roasted coffee and dark chocolate flavours. The richness of the roast finds it's textural delivery by way of a velvet oatmeal blanket. Available at the brewery on tap/bottle shop.

Visit Beyond the Pale Brewing Co @ 250 City Centre Ave Bay 106, Ottawa, ON K1R 6K7

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