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February Yoga on Tap @ Beyond the Pale Brewing

After a successful and fun first event in January, February saw another sold out crowd with 3 different beers to sample.

The Stats

  • Participants: 55

  • Return Patrons to Beyond the Pale: 66%

  • First-timers tasting BTP Beer: 25%

  • First-timers practicing yoga: 4%

  • Beers Sampled: 1) Pale Ale Project Pale Ale 2) Rye Guy IPA 3) Aromatherapy IPA

  • Yoga Intention: What is a choice or a change you could make in your life that would bring more health/happiness?

*This was our second event at the brewery, testing out logistics to allow us to run regular monthly sessions! From March 9th forward, all events will feature our 1 hour yoga class followed by enjoyment of 1 pint of whatever participants would like on tap! See events to sign up for your next event. Tours are optional and will be provided based on availability. For any questions or provide feedback please contact us cheers@yogaontap.ca

The Yoga

So cool to see that the majority of our participants had not only practiced yoga before, but also have been to or tried BTP beer! Maybe next time we'll poll people on sign up whether they've combined the two before and see what we learn! :)

The purpose of any Yoga on Tap practice is to promote an active lifestyle + mindful drinking culture. Just like you build body and mind awareness in yoga through movement + breath, we can apply the same concepts when drinking beer by connecting to the entire experience. We begin with a deep breath, then observe the appearance, the aroma, the taste, the feel, and then we pay gratitude to the people who make the beer.

Feedback from the laughs in the crowd and chatting with participants post yoga was that this practice was challenging but fun. Our time on the mats saw lots of clinking glasses with your yoga neighbours + opportunities to work on balance. Just like a beer is made of a few simple ingredients, yoga is comprised of breath work, movement, and meditation. We enjoyed all three of these yoga staples featuring work with breath retention and concluding with a meditation focused on our first sample, the Pale Ale Project.

We always aim to sequence our yoga practice to highlight our key concept of a balanced lifestyle as well as provide participants a fun way to experience moving their bodies while getting a solid stretch and banking relaxation points.

The Beer

Served with this event were 3 4oz samples: 1 sampled during our beer meditation at the end of our yoga practice, the other two enjoyed during the tour portion of our session. Many participants happily headed to the tasting room to grab a half pint to accompany them during the entirety of their yoga practice, while others enjoyed sticking around after our event wrapped up to partake in another beverage, also taking advantage of the food service offered by the Smoque Shack (see menu below). The three beers sampled during our event are listed below with some notes to inspire your next tasting experience with information on where you can get your paws on these fine local brews.

PALE ALE PROJECT | AMERICAN PALE ALE | 4.9% | The final iteration of our pale ale project marks the conclusion of our experimental phase. The winning hop combination from 8 previous pilot batches was the power trio of Centennial, Amarillo and Citra. Never a bad time for a crisp and refreshing all season session ale. (Easy Drinking, crisp, citrusy). Available @ the brewery and local LCBO's/grocery stores.

RYE GUY | RYE IPA | 6.7% | Our flagship IPA is our go-to all season beverage. Rye comprises a third of the all-Canadian grain bill, which offers its characteristic sweetness and spice. Our personified lumberjack, Rye Guy, finds it’s unbreakable log-rolling balance with an array of juicy west coast hops. Tastes great with spicy food and looks great with beards, plaid and general wilderness etiquette. (Sweet and spicy, grapefruity and piney). Available @ the brewery.

AROMATHERAPY | AMERICAN IPA | 6.5% | Brewed in the spirit of freshly canned Vermont beers, this IPA is intensely dry-hopped with Citra, Amarillo and Mosaic to produce a rich stone fruit and grassy citrus bouquet. The pale malt body puts the sumptuous hop profile into focus, resulting in a bright and refreshing east coast IPA. (Floral, herbal, citrusy). Available @ the brewery and local LCBO's/grocery stores.

Visit Beyond the Pale Brewing Co @ 250 City Centre Ave Bay 106, Ottawa, ON K1R 6K7

Join us next month as we celebrate International Women's Day by enjoying a pint of Hymn to Ninkasi, a gin barrel aged saison brewed by the women at the brewery with a portion of pint proceeds benefiting Harmony House, a local women's shelter. SATURDAY MARCH 9 | 1:30PM | SIGN UP HERE


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