EXERCISE + CRAFT BEER both do really well at connecting us with the present moment and cause us to focus in on what's happening in the "now"! The challenge is to become mindful of this space so we can fully experience the OMazing value self awareness adds to our overall health! Like a yoga pose, carefully crafted beer challenges us to take a pause and observe what we’re experiencing and make sure we're spending our time wisely on things that will optimize our overall health + happiness.



All of this began for me when I was on my way back from India after my yoga teacher training, which was strictly alcohol free, and finding immense judgment for just wanting one beer on my return. I realized that one or two beers is 100% healthy, but the judgements that surround wanting to drink at all were not nor were the times I'd consume more than I should in one sitting. Thus, Yoga on Tap was born out of the need to have a healthy conversation on how alcohol plays a roll in our lives and the need to keep it healthy. 

Our concept is simple: Too much of anything or little of the important things is not healthy, so we preach a practice of balance. Too much physical activity, work, junk food, beer or lack of sleep, self-care, time outside is not healthy, but when we're mindful of how we're prioritizing the things in our lives we begin to make smarter choices that will in the end benefit our end goal, which is to be healthy + happy. 

We're huge fans of what the craft beer movement is doing: working hard to make unique beers that speak to their consumers, which immediately stops us in our tracks to figure out what we're experiencing instead of chug-a-lugging another tasteless beer down for reasons unknown. Each brewery works hard at their craft so craft beer encourages us to slow down + get to know what's in our glass. 

Once you become interested in an active lifestyle or craft beer, you begin to build your knowledge from someone who just goes to yoga every once in awhile or someone who only orders what they "know" from the bar, to someone who wants to educate themselves on the value each plays: how different activities will elevate their health + what the difference between an ale + lager is. This way instead of wasting your time with a certain activity or drinking a certain beer, you can begin to use your time + funds more wisely in a way that will allow you to enjoy each moment fully + supports your health now + later! 

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